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Technical requirements

Sitellite 5 is based on several popular open source server applications, including Apache, PHP and MySQL. Sitellite runs best on Unix-based servers such as Linux or Mac OS X server. Sitellite has the following software requirements:

Web server requirements

Apache Web Server version 1.3 or greater, configured with "AllowOverride All" or "AllowOverride FileInfo Indexes" and mod_rewrite. This will require access to your server's httpd.conf file if these are not set correctly.

PHP 5 or greater, compiled as an Apache module. CLI-mode is also required for the Sitellite task scheduler, and the SiteSearch module requires PHP 5.1 or greater.

MySQL database 4.1 or greater. Other databases such as Oracle and SQLite can be used as secondary data sources via Sitellite's database abstraction layer, however a MySQL database is required for the core website functionality.

The cron command line scheduler is required for running the Sitellite task scheduler, which handles scheduled publishing and archiving, search indexing, and other tasks.

Browser requirements

There are no Sitellite-specific browser requirements for website visitors, only for the Sitellite administrative interface. For this, Sitellite supports the following list of browsers:
  • Firefox 2 or greater on any operating system.
  • Safari 3 or greater on Mac OS X or Windows.
  • MSIE 7 or greater on Windows only.
  • Google Chrome, on any operating system.
We plan to add support for Opera in the future as well. If you would like to help with this, please join us on the Google Group.

If you visit the Sitellite administrative login screen (www.example.com/sitellite) with an unsupported browser, it will present an "Unsupported Browser" notice instead of letting you log in.

Installation requirements

Secure Shell (SSH) access to your server is the preferred means of installing Sitellite, but does require knowledge of using the Unix command line interface. Alternately, you can use FTP to upload the files, but you will need an FTP client capable of recursively altering file permissions in order to set the necessary permissions for the Sitellite web installer to run.