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Meet Sitellite's successor: Elefant CMS

A modern PHP framework and content management system based on the improved features of PHP 5.3+. Elefant is an extremely fast and easy to use CMS that inherits all the best of Sitellite, without the fat. Learn more »

Sitellite CMS

Sitellite 5 product boxSitellite 5 makes updating your website -- large or small -- straight-forward, simple, and safe.  With a built-in word processor, complete change history for every page, secure access control, and built-in marketing/search engine optimization (SEO) features, Sitellite 5 gives you everything you need to to take your website to the next level.


  • Edit your website securely from any location.
  • Publish in as many languages as you want.
  • Over 2 dozen bundled modules for common website features (calendar, blog, search, e-commerce, news, events, and more).
  • Search engine optimized out-of-the-box.
  • Standards compliant output and built-in validation testing tools.
Learn more on our Sitellite product tour.

What's new in version 5

  • Sitellite websites are now completely multi-lingual, with built-in translation tools and email-based workflow notifications.
  • Full-featured shopping cart, order management and payment processing engine built-in.
  • Improved performance of all areas of the software, so your website can grow without increasing costs.
  • Built-in usability and marketing testing tools allow you to test changes to your site to see which result in more sales.
  • Auto-save, so even if your computer or the internet goes down, you never lose your changes.
  • Sitellite Desktop cross-platform tool for managing multiple Sitellite websites from one place – great for resellers or companies managing multiple websites!
  • Safari web browser support for all you Apple lovers (like us)!
  • Huge improvements to Sitellite's search and word processor.
  • And much more – over 150 improvements in total!

Learn more about what's new on our new features tour.

The full scoop

Sitellite is a very flexible business-oriented content management system based on Apache, MySQL and PHP, the most popular website platform. Sitellite makes it easy for non-technical users to manage content on your site in a secure and controlled way, through features like customizable workflow and document versioning typically only found in much more expensive packages.

While Sitellite is fairly advanced software which can run websites of any size (see our "who uses Sitellite" page), setting up and managing an ordinary corporate website is a fairly straight-forward process that can usually be completed in under a week (complex websites of course take longer, depending on their requirements).

For non-technical users, Sitellite requires very little training once the site is up and running.  Users are quickly able to do some pretty powerful things too, that ordinarily involve custom development time, through innovative features like Sitellite's "box chooser".

To learn more about Sitellite, you can check out the product pages and the user manual.  For technical users, there is also the technical requirements and designer/developer documentation.

To get started, download Sitellite and try it for yourself today!